Do you want to grow your relationship equity and be a center of influence to others? Build your network, close more sales, and support your team and other relationships, in a positive & productive way?

Introducing our state of the art, Web-based, Interactive Training & Communication System that delivers an Engaging, Competency-Based Learning Experience 24/7/365.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

The ability to sell—to communicate to another human being, be it a customer, employee, boss, spouse, or child—is the base skill of personal success.”

― Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad


  • Would you like to be a great communicator? Negotiate & close more sales?
  • What if you could identify buying cues and triple your sales conversions?
  • We deliver the wrong message 75% of the time.

According to, 87% of sales professionals don’t feel prepared for their appointments and 66% of customers feel turned off by the sales presentation.

Doing the same presentation could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars each year!

We learn best from repetition. Live training is good, but VT is where we learn from practice.  Jevine Lane



This full motion – interactive courseware teaches people the skills necessary to improve their relationships and sales conversion rates, and be more productive.

It allows you to TEACH – TRACK – MONITOR – MEASURE your teams progress and accomplishments by simply logging in.

Easily keep your new team members trained. We will create a quick login signature and it’s ready to go, 24/7/365.

This service will benefit anyone who works with people!

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