The Business Exchange Launches To Help Grow Local Utah Businesses

Success Through Collaboration, Education, and Partnerships!

The Business ExchangeI have to tell you that being able to connect with like-minded individuals on a daily basis and serve them with my many products and services is very fulfilling.

My career has been so much fun! I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur. Through my 17 years in Chamber of Commerce work, I was so blessed to be able to help new start-ups find resources for funding, business planning, and strategy or just be a catalyst of connection for business to business folks looking to network. And my favorite part… just listening to their stories about how they got started, and why. They would call or come into my office to talk. Talk about how it’s going. What they need and how I can help. How lucky was I?!

My heart is with the business community.

I believe in supporting our free enterprise system through small business. I care.

The Business Exchange has been launched due in part to a need that I experienced within the business community to connect, discuss and learn more about topics vital to growing a business in the 21st century. The name, The Business Exchange was created from the definition of the word exchange: the act of giving one thing and receiving another in return.

This is a dynamic organization whose mission is to foster collaboration between progressive business professionals and take an innovative approach to enhancing business and education in a powerfully authentic environment, and no membership is involved! That’s right! Everything we do is Pay to Play… a la carte. We want you to be able to participate, attend or Play where you want to! You get to choose!

Why? The more you play the more benefits come your way!

On Strategic Partnerships: There are times when two heads are better than one. We believe that if you partner with another business on a project you can leverage a great relationship, share resources for a specific project to create a competitive advantage and it benefits you both!

We are in the business of helping grow people and businesses and I hope you will join us at a meeting or event soon!

Thanks for taking a minute to read all about this new way of communicating in business. I can’t wait to share more great tips and insights on marketing business here on The Business Exchange website and blog!

Hope to see you soon!

Jevine Lane
Founder and CEO
The Business Exchange

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