We are a dynamic organization of progressive business professionals who seek to ACHIEVE a lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

Our mission is to help you grow your business and achieve a lifestyle of your dreams.

Jevine Lane is the CEO and Founder of the Business Exchange, a business development company that helps enterprising business owners and sales professionals start and grow profitable ventures. In 2017 she founded ACHIEVE, a peer group, facilitated by her to help busy business owners and sales professionals start and grow a new or existing company in an efficient system that helps her clients get traction on their goals, quickly.

She focuses on four distinctive areas to help her clients implement a growth-strategy. 1. Discovery 2. Accountability 3. Feedback and 4. Reward to help her clients gain increased traction and promote their achievements to their market.

Jevine has been both VP and President/CEO of two major Chambers of Commerce in Salt Lake County, helping businesses grow for more than 15 years.

Jevine knows what truly drives business success and building professional influence. She knows how to help her clients enhance long-term strategies for growth and really concentrates on building relationships and networking.

She is sincerely interested in helping her clients develop opportunities to start, grow and achieve success in business or profession.

To your success!