When we act on a goal, from a mindset that is in alignment with our value system, we are inspired. This kind of action has a lot of leverage behind it.  Jevine Lane, founder of ACHIEVE, INSPIRED ACTION

Our VISION is to elevate the profession of speakers, trainers and authors in the U.S.A.

Our MISSION is to champion business success by providing a system that gets results and inspires people.

Jevine Lane is the owner of LANE GROUP, LLC, a business consulting and development company and founder of ACHIEVE Inspired Action, a program to help speakers and trainers to build profitable businesses as a speaker.

With more than 25+ years’ experience as a business owner, VP and President/CEO of two major Chambers of Commerce in Salt Lake County, Jevine knows what drives business growth and how to build professional influence. She has helped many speakers and trainers, define and refine their message and image to become an influential presenter.

Jevine is an enterprise specialist who seeks opportunity for her clients and is sincerely interested in helping her clients start, grow and achieve the business of their dreams!

 There are many people who want to make public speaking a career, but to gain the attention of your ideal audience, get noticed in the press, building your influence as an exceptional presenter and get paid doing it; you must invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you. By investing in yourself to build your skillset and your credibility, you will increase your value and find your message in demand.  Jevine Lane

 If you are a speaker or trainer, contact Jevine at jevine@startgrowachieve.com to schedule a discovery meeting and start building your business as a speaker, trainer or author.